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Building the award-winning Jenuane Communities Brand

Jenuane Communities, a family-owned and operated business, partnered with PresGroup to bring their vision to life. Jenuane was seeking a partner to help them become the largest private builder in Northern Nevada. PresGroup successfully helped Jenuane accomplish this goal while concurrently developing a brand that would lead Jenuane to be voted Northern Nevada's Best Builder the last 3 years running. Services included Sales Management, full ad agency capabilities, technology, market research, online concierge and product development consulting. Our team is proud to support Jenuane in their mission of helping families realize their dreams of homeownership in Northern Nevada.

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Creating the Banner Award Nominated Super Hero Campaign

As we entered the fall of 2022, the market was volatile: rates were rising, but prices were still sky-high. Our team knew we needed to bring disruption to the market and create a campaign that was truly one-of-a-kind. That's how the superhero campaign was born. While each of our campaigns is designed to impact our audience profoundly, our team and the committee in charge of Banner Award nominations felt that this one resonated particularly well with consumers and agents.


Find Yourself in Fernley

Jenuane Communities approached us with not one, but two proposed communities in Fernley, NV. Selling new homes in the emerging town of Fernley posed a location challenge, prompting our team to develop a digital brochure experience that highlights Fernley's finest qualities and rural Nevada charm. We are delighted to announce that one of these communities has already sold out, and we have an eager priority list awaiting the release of the second community.



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Successful Projects

Jenuane's Website Redesign

Jenuane Communities entrusted PresGroup with the redesign of their website, and the results speak for themselves. Our team collaborated closely with Jenuane to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that captures their brand essence while boosting sales and conversions. The redesigned website seamlessly integrates with our proprietary software, MSP™, effectively showcasing Jenuane's distinctive communities. Users can search based on specifications, compare elevations, furnish virtual floorplans, take virtual tours, and more. The "my account" feature enables users to save their favorite homes and access exclusive pricing, deals, promotional events, and a comprehensive library of resources. With a seamless user experience and captivating design, Jenuane's website redesign has played a pivotal role in their consecutive three-year success as Reno's premier homebuilder. Website statistics (2020-2023): New Users: 30-58% growth YoY, Sessions: 31-77% growth YoY, Pageviews: 31-58% growth YoY


Let's Address the Elephant in the Room

As market volatility and rising rates continued into 2023, our team recognized the need to address the elephant, or should we say elephants, in the room. This campaign tackled the tough questions that hindered homeowners from taking action and kept first-time homebuyers bound by rental agreements. We confronted topics such as interest rates, inventory shortages, dispelling common homebuying myths, and overcoming the stigma of discussing personal finances. Through informative articles, interactive webinars, and engaging social media content, we provided valuable insights and practical solutions to empower individuals to make informed decisions and confidently navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape.

Logo Design For All Jenuane Communites

PresGroup designed individual logos for all of Jenuane Communities' neighborhoods. Our team worked to craft visually captivating logos that capture the unique character and features of each community. These distinct logos showcase their commitment to providing exceptional living experiences for families in Northern Nevada.


Building Consumer Relationships Through Email Marketing Campaigns that Convert

Our email marketing strategy revolves around personalized and consistent communication, delivering valuable news and resources to foster strong connections. We utilize effective calls to action that generate tangible results. The team also employs promotions to create a sense of urgency, driving consumer engagement and boosting conversions. Moreover, we leverage event marketing, organic social media, paid advertising, and targeted campaigns to actively expand Jenuane's email lists. By integrating these tactics, we have empowered our client to cultivate meaningful relationships with their target audience and achieve measurable success through their email marketing campaigns. Email marketing statistics (2021-2023): Open Rate - 28.32%, Click to Open Rate - 21.52%, Click Through Rate - 6.56%


Eye-Catching Signage

Our talented graphic design team takes great pride in their ability to create eye-catching signage for Jenuane Communities' diverse range of neighborhoods. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of each community's unique character, they craft visually striking displays that instantly captivate attention. These captivating signs serve as powerful marketing tools, effectively drawing people in and generating a sense of excitement and curiosity. By enticing potential homebuyers to visit the sales offices, our signage plays a crucial role in driving foot traffic and ultimately contributing to the success of new home sales.

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