Our team has the technology, knowledge, and expertise to produce measurable results in real-time.

As real estate marketing and sale specialists, we're on the forefront of industry trends, news, and best practices to help our builders and developers position themselves as market authorities. By leveraging our knowledge of historical housing data, consumer behavior, and proprietary technology, we identify competitive advantages to fuel their brand and projects.



As consumers embrace a new Self Service and Virtual Economy, real estate sales and marketing professionals have found themselves racing to reinvent their value propositions. Real estate professionals historically have heavily relied on their role as gatekeeper of housing information as a primary tool to retain client engagement. With most housing inventory information just a "click away" we are forced to enhance our expertise to stay relevant in the housing journey of our customers.

In anticipation of this paradigm shift in consumer expectation, PresGroup has spent years enhancing best practices, market knowledge and innovative thinking of all its real estate professionals in every role of sales and marketing. In response to market demand, we have developed a strong group of expert marketing professionals, sales agents, online concierge and management teams with an insatiable appetite for thought leadership that can not only serve today's consumer but their expectations of the home buying journey in the future.



Our proprietary solution, the Marketing Success Portal™ (MSP™), is a trademarked technology that is included with our services at no additional charge. By integrating MSP™ into developer websites, we capture consumer nurture leads through our virtual concierge team, teeing up the best prospects for sales.

Marketing Success Portal™ is a fully managed, multi-tenant, permission-based web portal designed to facilitate, analyze, and track the performance of real estate marketing campaigns, sales programs, and buyer activity in real time. By combining traditional market research with an understanding of the competitive marketplace, we create custom marketing solutions that meet your specific needs while aligning with your expectations and desired results.



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At PresGroup, we specialize in marketing solutions that offer an optimal blend of digital and traditional marketing solutions specifically designed for today's residential real estate industry.

Today's real estate consumer expects that any part of the buying process that was traditionally delivered in person will also be made available in a self-service virtual manner. In fact, our consumer today views the ideal methodology for consumer engagement to allow them to seamlessly move back and forth between the virtual and physical world in real time without disruption. Our in-house team of social media managers, web designers, copywriters, graphic designers, developers, and supervisors bring years of this new age experience that reward consumers with the buying journey they expect. We work to ensure that home builders like you can tap into the emotional essence of your buyers, fostering a truly meaningful connection. Our approach to digital marketing is built on a deep understanding of the real estate industry, combined with cutting-edge technology and the latest marketing strategies. By leveraging our expertise and proprietary Marketing Success Portal™ technology, we can help you create targeted campaigns that connect with your ideal audience and drive conversions with strong consumer satisfaction ratings.

Works we've done for our clients

Building the award-winning Jenuane Communities Brand

Jenuane Communities, a family-owned and operated business, partnered with PresGroup to bring their vision to life. We assisted Jenuane in developing an award-winning brand, implementing successful marketing campaigns, and designing a website that increased sales and conversions. Our team is proud to support Jenuane in its mission of helping families realize their dreams of homeownership in Northern Nevada.

Helping Soundbuilt Homes Build their Legacy

Soundbuilt Homes, a locally-owned and operated company, approached us with a vision to become one of Western Washington's top development partners. We worked closely with them to create a new logo, establish brand guidelines, and execute successful marketing campaigns that boosted brand awareness, sales, and conversions. Our team is proud to have supported Soundbuilt in their pursuit of building a higher standard of home.



We understand that building a high-performing sales team is crucial for driving your business forward. That's why we offer a comprehensive solution acting as your managing broker that covers the entire lifecycle of your sales team - from hiring and management to training and development.

Hiring the right sales professionals can make all the difference in your business. By carefully selecting and recruiting individuals that align with your company's goals and values, we set the foundation for a strong and dynamic sales team.

Once your sales team is assembled, we step in as your dedicated managers. We understand the importance of ongoing development, motivation, and accountability. That's why we work closely with your sales team, offering mentorship, coaching, and performance monitoring to ensure they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles.

Our unique approach to sales:

Let's face it, consumers have grown weary of traditional sales tactics. In fact, they'd rather avoid salespeople altogether. At PresGroup, we've recognized this shift in customer behavior and have tailored our approach to meet the needs of today's buyers.

We go beyond the transactional approach and focus on cultivating long-lasting customer relationships. To achieve this, we have trained our agents and concierge team to prioritize understanding each individual's unique needs and desires. Rather than solely focusing on closing deals, our dedicated professionals place a strong emphasis on serving each customer's best interests.

What truly sets us apart is training agents to ask the right questions and encouraging buyers to open up and share their preferences. By creating an environment where customers feel heard and valued, we successfully lower their guard and positively influence them to make informed real estate decisions.

Because we firmly believe that information is power, we have developed an extensive system and proprietary technology™ (MSP™) for collecting and leveraging data. This enables us to personalize our approach for every customer.

Our commitment to building trusted relationships is reflected in our low co-op rates. When customers feel valued and understood, they are more inclined to place their trust in your sales team.

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Our virtual concierge team nurtures leads through the system-teeing up the best prospects for sales. The team works to deliver the top 25% of qualified leads to your sales team.

Escrow Management:

PresGroup goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless and hassle-free escrow and transaction process.

We take on the responsibility of overseeing the escrow process from start to finish. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that all necessary documentation is accurately prepared. We work closely with all parties involved, including buyers, sellers, lenders, and agents, to facilitate open and transparent communication throughout the escrow period.

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