Navigating the Current Market: Transforming Sales Strategies for Home Builders

As a home builder, you know that crafting a compelling sales approach and assembling a successful sales team is key to your bottom line. It's no longer just about cost-driven tactics. The shift towards a value-based strategy is apparent and resonates more with today's consumers. At PresGroup, we see this transformation first-hand and align our approach to sales with the current market dynamics to lead our clients to successful closings.

As we navigate through 2023, the real estate market is characterized by high interest rates and modest price reductions. However, inventory shortages continue to give sellers like yourself a competitive edge.
So, how can home builders ensure that they're getting ahead in the current market? Hiring the right sales professionals is key!

At PresGroup, this is part of the comprehensive solution we offer as your managing broker, covering the entire lifecycle of your sales team - from hiring and management to training and development. Once we've built your sales team, we transition into dedicated managers, driving their continuous growth, motivation, and performance.

We've redefined the sales approach to focus on understanding and serving today's buyer, who expects a high touch self-service and virtual engagement approach. Our strategy is not just about closing deals; we aim to foster long-lasting relationships, encouraging an open exchange of preferences and needs, while serving our customers virtually, as well as at our sales centers.

Our proprietary technology, Marketing Success Portal™ (MSP™), complements our commitment to effective communication and understanding of in-person and virtual engagement. MSP™ allows us to gather and leverage data, personalizing our approach to each customer's journey. Our low co-op rates reflect our commitment to building trust and building a strong consumer direct pipeline. We believe in creating value beyond affordability and cultivating trust and rapport with our clients. In fact, our consumer direct approach is consistent with the fact that today buyer's agents are rarely the procuring cause of a deal. Even if a consumer chooses to use an agent, that agent is rarely the one that introduced the consumer to the address they ended up purchasing.

Let us help you create a sales strategy that speaks to your customers, building homes that sell because they are affordable and valuable.

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